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Noël Macé

It's Summer Time! The Summer Solstice! The first day of the season! The longest day of the year!

We have worked a lot throughout the spring to improve our community experience and working processes. So we have a lot of stuff to announce to you today.

Let's see what we'll do together during this new season, and all the new cool stuff we realized for that.

Summer Time

At blindnet, all teams recently synchronized their schedule to match summer dates, from June 21st to September 23rd.

This is what we call the Summer of Privacy.

Openly Chilling

As summer is a time for chilling and relaxing, we don't want this period to be stressful in any way.

After all, Summer has always been a time for opening up, and meeting new people.

And we stand for an Open approach to privacy, where we both give people better control over their data and more access to ours.

An approach we are backing up with our own Openness Framework, defining every aspect of our working process.

Now, every staff member at blindnet, including sales people and the CEO, are using GitHub to handle every aspect of team work. Doing so, we're making sure to share as many pieces of information as possible in the Open, by default.

So, as we have a lot of projects on our plate, we'll conduct all of them with you, giving you lots of opportunities to contribute.

Building a New DevKit Together

First, we are currently all working on building an ambitious new set of features for blindnet devkit. Leading us to a completely redesigned architecture and schematics.

But we know that we don't know everything. And we especially want to avoid making wrong assumption about what you, the developers, need.

We especially want you to tell us what you'd expect from such ambitious privacy dev tools.

What problems are you facing when embracing Privacy-by-Design?\ What are you worst pain points when enforcing privacy regulations (e.g. GDPR)?\ What do you need from an app to be sure to sufficiently trust it?

Here, we already give you several opportunities to do that:

  1. our recently opened Slack Workspace, to chat with the blindnet community and teams;
  2. an open DevRel Management repository, when you can just make simple informal requests;
  3. an open Product Management repository, where you can track, read, and contribute to all parts of our product development process, from simple bug fixes to thorough architecture reference documents.

If those still seem too complex or frightening to you, just email, and we'll make sure to give you an answer right away.

Helping Everyone Better Understand Privacy

While getting on with this huge project, we'll also make sure to keep you posted in any possible way.

So first, you should definitely follow us on Twitter, as this will be the first place where we'll post short and constant updates on all technical matters.

Our new engineering blog, on both and, will then be a good place to share more in-depth explainers and update about our devkit and privacy in general. Where are open to any suggestion of topic to address, and even guest blog posts. So make sure to contact us whenever privacy inspire you.

Finally, we'll soon open a new Twitch Channel and Youtube channel, with regular programs and improvised streaming. Keep posted, and reach back to us if you'd like to be one of our next guests.

And more...

And we still have a lot more ideas to suggest, and things we'd like to do with you.

Like making the "limited edition" blindnet swag of your dream, with an open-hardware and DIY approach, just to give you an example.

We'll make sure everyone can make the best of this summer with privacy in mind, and we are open to any suggestion.

So, see you all very soon online 🌞

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Noël Macé

Welcome to the blog.

A blog about privacy and trust, by developers, for developers.


Stay tuned, more content will follow soon.

In the meantime, check out our company's blog to learn more about blindnet itself with generic content with no tech jargon.